An Institutional Framework
for Programmable Securities

Factora's capital markets team draws from extensive experience in structured finance to create solutions for real-world problems.
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Factora provides the core infrastructure layer, enabling institutions to reverse-engineer transaction mechanics into programmable frameworks, creating efficiency in structured deals.

Factora uses these frameworks to develop security tokens, introducing cost reduction and liquidity optimizations across a range of asset classes, including funds, commercial and residential real estate, asset backed securities, and other structured products.

Through its FINRA-registered broker-dealer, Factora ensures compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

Blockchain Technology
and Tokenization

Our engineering team applies its blockchain protocol expertise to architect and build the next generation of capital markets infrastructure.
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Blockchain technology streamlines traditional capital markets workflows by bringing all relevant transaction parties onto a shared data layer that is both transparent and programmable. This marks a significant evolution in the industry, where historically transaction data was manually reconciled across institutions and assets lacked programmable functionality.

Tokenization is an application of blockchain technology that enables a standardized framework to represent transaction terms and conditions in programmable form. Tokenization transforms the way that asset ownership is recorded, increasing transparency throughout the capital stack and facilitating automation between participants.


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Simplify the Issuance Process

Factora eliminates the need for bespoke systems, providing a standardized platform to publish offering documentation, communicate with investors, and simplify the closing process.

Automate Post-Issuance Functionality

Factora streamlines and automates post-issuance servicing functions including cash flow management, statement generation, investor updates, and compliance.

Enable Secondary Market Liquidity and Portfolio Optimization

Factora’s token structure framework optimizes for transparency and standardization, unlocking the potential for enhanced investor liquidity.



Factora streamlines the process of issuing securities by automating administrative functions and providing access to sophisticated investors through its fully-integrated broker-dealer.


Factora deconstructs key deal terms, translating them into standardized token frameworks. These are used to compile and program the required smart contracts to automate ongoing workflows. Tokens are distributed to investors and tracked on a blockchain, providing real-time transparency post-issuance.


Factora leverages both programmable contracts and proprietary software. The result is automated fiat and digital cash flow distribution, reporting, and other core servicing processes required by capital markets participants throughout the life of a security.

Investing in

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Increased transparency of key information, including underlying collateral data, capital structure, performance, and historical surveillance of an asset.

Enhanced Investor Experience
Enhanced Investor Experience

Automated, hassle-free distributions and monthly reporting, and flexibility to invest and receive distributions in either USD or stablecoin.


Increased transparency and standardization unlock the potential for greater liquidity and reduced settlement times for investors.


Market Leaders

First to market with leading-edge tokenization deals

Comprehensive Platform

Digital end-to-end platform with a fully-integrated FINRA-registered broker-dealer

Experienced Team

Fully-versed institutional finance and blockchain professionals

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