A Superior
Investing Experience

Factora’s Token Framework provides investors with a transparent and frictionless transaction experience.


Factora allows transaction participants to share data on a single, transparent platform. Unlike the status quo where data is siloed between entities, this model provides investors with real-time visibility into critical transaction information, including overall capital structure, historical performance, payment histories, and asset ownership. This information can be leveraged by holders to make better investment decisions.

Liquidity Optimized Framework


A leading driver of illiquidity in private markets is the information asymmetry that exists between potential buyers and existing holders. Factora’s Token Framework seeks to reduce this asymmetry by representing an asset’s full capital stack using standardized, tradeable tokens. Once investors arrive at a valuation of the overall asset, they can formulaically back out the value of each token, enabling portfolio optimization.

Enhanced Investor Experience

Factora allows investors to seamlessly onboard, browse, and invest in opportunities through a secure platform and fully-integrated broker-dealer. Post-issuance, investors have access to automated reporting and distributions, as well as compliant secondary market trading.

An Optimized Investing Process

  • Onboard directly through a simple workflow that ensures applicable KYC, AML, and accreditation requirements are satisfied.
  • Browse investment opportunities through an intuitive, user-friendly platform.
  • Once an allocation request is approved, fund investments with fiat or digital currency.
  • Receive security tokens in a digital wallet.
  • Receive distributions directly in a digital wallet or bank account.
  • Access comprehensive reporting based on blockchain-validated data.

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