Tokenize Financial Assets

Factora’s Token Framework translates the terms of your securities into self-executing code, enabling automation and efficiency throughout the transaction lifecycle.

Evolution in
Capital Markets


Factora deconstructs transactions into their component terms and refactors them into programmable form. We use these terms to generate the smart contracts necessary to streamline processes like cash flow distribution, regulatory compliance, and reporting. The resulting security tokens are distributed to investors.

This overall framework allows Factora to increase automation of traditional capital markets functions and deliver high-quality servicing to issuers and token holders alike.

An Optimized
Transaction Model

  • Market your offering through a FINRA-registered digital platform.
  • Update any offering documentation instantaneously.
  • Communicate with investors seamlessly through deal closing.
  • Translate transaction terms into smart contract language.
  • Whitelist wallets of approved investors.
  • Collect fiat and digital currency proceeds at closing, and distribute security tokens to investors.
  • Create and maintain a real-time cap table using blockchain technology.
  • Seamlessly calculate and distribute funds in fiat or digital currency to investors according to smart contract payment waterfalls.
  • Automatically generate and issue reporting statements, and provide updates and documentation to investors.

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